Dr. Nadir Ali is a practicing Interventional Cardiologist in the Clear Lake and Bay Area. He was a Bugher Foundation Research Fellow of the American Heart Association at Baylor College of Medicine and did his cardiology fellowship at the same institution from 1990 to 1994

He has a several years of experience in the Low Carbohydrate High Fat (LCHF) / KETO diet in the treatment of metabolic disease, diabetes, heart disease and to improve the quality of cholesterol. He and his team give a free diet seminar for his patients once a month on the last Wednesday of every month at 6 pm at the Searcy Auditorium in the Clear Lake Heart and Vascular Institute. This conference has had more than a 100 attendees for each session consistently for the last several years.

In addition, he has a YouTube Channel that is widely watched by his patients and people over the world. You can search this channel by typing his name as, Nadir Mir Ali or by Eat Mostly Fats. His team also has a Facebook Group called Eat Mostly Fats – Dr. Nadir Ali. Where his patients and friends can post recipes, accomplishments and questions. They also are able to see his monthly seminar via Facebook LIVE.

He is also very active on twitter, follow him through @eatmostlyfatali