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Face to face coaching program with Dr. Nadir Ali and Nutritional Coach Nina Silva.


Book a 45-minute consultation with Dr. Nadir Ali.

During the consultation Dr. Ali will ask for you to explain your story and reason for wanting to see him. If possible, please prepare questions you would like to ask him and your overall top 3 goals to accomplish during the session. If there is a lot of information that we can’t cover, we may have to schedule another session.

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Nutritional & Fasting Program

Face to face nutritional and fasting program led by Nutritional Coach, Nina Silva and supervised by Dr. Nadir Ali.

Learn how to optimize your health by using Dr. Ali’s five-pillar plan. Face to face coaching program with Dr.Ali and Nutritional Coach. Lose weight in a healthy way, improve metabolic profile, and master the skill of intermittent and prolonged fasting.

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