Nutritional & Fasting Program

IDM Houston Program

This program teaches fasting and low carb nutrition. It is a face to face coaching program structured around your specific needs to achieve optimal health. It is supervised by Dr. Nadir Ali and lead by a nutritional coach.

Our goal is to provide patients with:

  • Healthy weight loss
  • Improvement in biochemistry (bloodwork)
  • Mastering the skill of fasting (intermittent and prolonged)
  • Overall better relationship with food and better eating habits

Begin your journey to a healthy life

Face to face coaching program with Dr. Nadir Ali and Nutritional Coach, Nina Silva.

This program consists of two 30-minute consultations with Dr. Ali and 8 coaching sessions with your nutritional coach. The sessions may be done via Zoom, in person or over the phone.

* Please note that his program is not covered by insurance, it is a cash pay service. All communication is private and protected. We maintain a secure record of all communication.

  • Initial Consult including 30 Minutes of one-on-one With Dr. Nadir Ali
  • 8 Coaching Sessions with your Nutritional Coach
  • Follow Up With Dr. Nadir Ali
  • 24/7 Direct Access to your Nutritional Coach
  • 6-month access to The Fasting Method
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